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Welcome! It is my firm belief that organic practices are imperative if we are to reverse the disturbing trends of pollution, toxicity, and health issues in both humans and the environment. Instead of worrying about killing all the “pests” on our produce by dousing a field with carcinogenic bug sprays, it is far more sensible to cultivate a healthy balance whereby predators such as birds and beneficial insects are attracted with food and habitat plantings to maintain a natural order. Yes, there will be some remaining “pests”, but their presence encourages the predator species to remain in the area and continue to dine! More Information
Local I realize that most people do not have this luxury, but I advocate eating as local as possible. Your food travels a shorter distance to reach your plate than much of what you find in the grocery store, and as such, it will be fresher, more nutritious, and quite a bit tastier. Learn More
Seasonal There is a time for each and every food we eat. Fresh foods are often best in a particular motnth or season, when those plants are programmed to grow their best. I still cannot fathom the industrial complex that encourages us to eat things all the time, no matter what the weather. Read More
Organic Organic is both a legally defined term and a philosophy. I choose to manage my home garden, while not certified, organically. I have no use for petroleum-based toxic chemicals in my food, and I find that a sensible, committed stewardship of the soil, and a partnership with nature rather than a fight against her - is the only safe, healthy way to grow food. Read More

Prismatic Produce is committed to sustainable living through our focus on organic practices and heirloom varieties.